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Does vacuum sealing clothes make them lighter?

There is no exception that vacuum sealing helps the clothes enhance their lifetime if a person wants to store their clothes in a very protective way or protect them from fungal and bacterial attacks. The vacuum sealing or vacuum storage bag is precisely the best option.

There are several myths related to storing clothes for a longer time. Surprisingly, a significant question arises: Does vacuum-sealing clothes make them lighter? Because vacuum sealing bags are popular for their storage.

Vacuum sealing does not let the air be drawn in and out once it has been packed or closed after getting the clothes in it. Let’s explore the details of vacuum sealing of clothing that makes them lighter or heavier in terms of weight. To get accurate information about it, keep connected to the content provided next.

Because it will help you a lot, let’s get into the deeper aspects if you are struggling to store your worthy clothes for a lifetime.


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Does vacuum sealing clothes make them lighter?

Are vacuum sealing clothes worthy?

Vacuum sealing is exceptionally worthwhile for long-term storage activities. Sometimes you have more precious and worthwhile clothes that you do not want to lose at any cost. To deal with this everlasting action, it is better to protect and store them in suitable packages.

When it comes to vacuum sealing, many people have the wrong idea that it makes the cloth light in weight. But it is not valid. The vacuum sealing has nothing to do with the weight aspect of the clothes.

This method is not reliable for making the clothes lighter, even when air is extracted. So it truly does not make the clothes lighter. There can be a minor addition in its weight because the bag’s weight has been added. But the concept of being lighter is fiction.

It created a lot of space and pressed many clothes together. However, it is not as simple in terms of size and holding. For this less clear the heavyweight query; 

Does Vacuum Sealing Increase Weight? 

When a vacuum bag is used to store clothes, you will see that it starts getting smaller and smaller with air extraction. Usually, things feel more accessible in the air. Because the atmosphere provides an upward force to displace the stuff, it feels lighter in weight.

As the air has been extracted from the bag, there would be no chance that any aspect of their ad moisture can be seen inside it. The clothes are pressed together to make them free from being ruined outside. In these aspects, the clothes’ weight does not suffer a lot.

But there can be seen an addition in the weight due to the importance of the bag, but this could not be very important in terms of the overall gain. On average, when we consider an ordinary packing bag. It hardly weighs 1 to 2 grams. But this standard is not the same as for vacuum bags.

On average, the vacuum bag weighs almost 7–8 grams, and sometimes even more, because it undoubtedly has a different material lining and structure.

There is another thought that vacuum sealing can ruin the original structure of the clothes. So it does no good to store them inside bags for a long time. Use them, but you still have to go for my other storing horizons.

Is it wrong to store clothes in vacuum bags? 

Vacuum sealing can be very effective and unwanted at the same time. On the plus side, it protects the clothes from all kinds of atmospheric moisture and fungal attacks as its packing does not let the things move inside it.

But it may affect the fibers and linings of the fabrics as there is no air inside the pack. The continuous pressing of ten clothes will let the fibers compress tightly and get out of their original shape.

The compression will ruin the shape and original fit of the cloth. You can store clothes in it for a certain period of time, but if you do not have to use the clothes for too long, you can vacuum seal them. It would not provide so much effectiveness in terms of output.

In addition to all this, never let your sensitive clothes vacuum seal. The sharp clothes include wedding dresses and other silk clothes.

The Final Statement

We try to summarize most of the views; does vacuum sealing clothes make them lighter? It can be helpful and unreliable in these situations because there are too many controversies in its storing aspects.

But overall, the vacuum sealing of the clothes would not make them lighter and tend to remain unnoticeable in terms of size. I hope these facts are enough to make up your mind if you think of storing your precious dresses and clothes for later usage.

You may consult any textile expert or designer for a more detailed guideline.

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