How to Clean Induction Cooktop

It is so easy to neglect the cleanliness of your induction cooktop. It’s not like it gets dirty just from cooking, but also from dust and other particles that accumulate over time. By the same token, this blog post will talk about how to keep your induction cooktop clean with some simple cleaning tips and tricks.

Simple Cleaning Required Material

  1. Tissue Paper or Dry cloth
  2. Cooktop cleaner

4 Steps for Simple Cleaning Induction Cooktop

  1. Wait until the cooktop cools down and use a dry surface.
  2. Use a damp tissue and cooktop cleaner. Spray it on the cooktop surface for 20 seconds. 
  3. Rub the cooktop with Tissue Paper or Dry Cloth until the surface is cleaned thoroughly.
  4. If there’s still any residue left after that, use a soapy rag and dishwashing liquid and then rinse it off with water. (Do not wash in excess)

Required Material for Heavy Cleaning

  1. Cooktop Scraper
  2. Cleaner for Cooktop
  3. Cooktop Cleaner Pad


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Suggested best Cooktop Scrapers

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Steps Involve in Heavy Cleaning Induction Cooktop with Scrapers

  1. Scrape off any dirty residue with a cooktop scraper.
  2. Spray a little cooktop cleaner on the surface for 20 seconds.
  3. Use the Cooktop Cleaner Pad to scrub in a circular motion, wipe with clean water and dry it off.
  4. Repeat this process until all residue is removed.

Cleaning Different parts of induction cooktop

An induction cooktop contains many parts like the Glass-ceramic surface, the Stainless steel part,, and the coils. Furthermore, all these parts can be cleaned with simple scrubbing or high-pressure water jetting process.

Cleaning glass ceramic surface: Required Material

  1. Soft Cloth
  2. Glass Ceramic Cooktop Cream
  3. Dry Towel

Steps for Cleaning glass ceramic surface

  1. Use a dry towel to make the surface free of water droplets or any other wet material.
  2. Apply the Glass Ceramic Cooktop Cream on a soft cloth and rub it well across the surface in a circular motion to avoid any dirt particles from sticking back onto the glass-ceramic cooktop.
  3. Clean with a dry towel.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Part: Required Material

  1. Soapy Water
  2. Dry Towel
  3. Soft Cloth

Steps for Cleaning Stainless Steel Part

  1. Use Soft Cloth to pour Soapy water on the part
  2. Wipe the surface
  3. Use Dry Towel to clean and remove water droplets.


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Don’t use the following cleaners

Chlorine bleach cleaners

Although these cleaners are incredibly corrosive and can corrode stainless steel, making it so thin that a hole could quickly be burned through.

Metal souring pads

The pads will leave bumps, blemishes, and scratches on the induction cooktop if you’re not careful. That’s a costly mistake because the only alternative will be to replace it!

Flammable cleaners

Using this sort of cleaners will increase the risk for fires. In this case, it is not recommended to use Flammable cleaners for induction cooktops.

Caustic cleaners

When using acidic cleaners for cleaning your induction cooktop, they can cause permanent damage, create dangerous fumes or even start fires if spilled onto hot coils.

Dishwashing agents

In order to increase your knowledge, these chemicals can cause damage to the surface of your stovetop, rendering it useless for cooking purposes.

Scrub sponges

Scrub sponges are not appropriate for induction cooktops because, under those circumstances, they contain metal fragments that can cause damage to the circuitry of the appliance.

Powdery cleaners

Powdery cleaners are typical household cleaners. Rather they sometimes contain harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of your cooktop, and even worse, they can cause it to melt or crack. In addition Use caution when cleaning your cooktop with powdery cleaners, so you don’t risk damaging or ruining it. 


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In Conclusion

Now that you know how to clean your induction cooktop, why not take the time and learn more about what they can do for you? Certainly, with a little bit of research, we were able to find out all sorts of exciting things.

For example, did you know that an induction cooker cooks food faster than other types of cooking methods because it heats only the pot or pan directly above it instead of heating the entire stovetop like gas or electric stoves?

In fact, it’s also economical since less energy is used when compared with traditional ovens. Plus, many people say their recipes turn out better using an induction cooktop! These perks are just some of the reasons, so many customers love and swear by this type of appliance. Thanks for Reading. Kitchencookingkit.


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