How to vacuum seal weed without causing natural losses

Marijuana, also called weed, is a greenish-gray type mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. Storing this into refrigerators causes genuine losses like disturbing its chemical properties, and the weed may become inconsumable in the long end, therefore choose efficient storage for weed. Sealing weed using a vacuum sealer will prevent these kinds of losses. 

Many people don’t realize that they can vacuum seal their weed without crushing it. It’s a great way to preserve the potency of your marijuana, and it’s very therapeutic for your body and mind.

Following is the step-by-step guide on using vacuum sealer efficiently for sealing weed without disturbing its properties. 

Step 1: Gather All Material 

Gather All Material for Vacuum Seal

For sealing weed, we need 

  1. Vacuum Sealer
  2. Vacuum Seal Bags
  3. scissors
  4. Weeds 

Step 2: Make a Bag

Make a Bag to Vacuum Seal

For this step, we need a Vacuum sealer, bag, and scissors. Open the vacuum sealer, place the start end of the bag into the vacuum sealer, close and lock the vacuum sealer, press the seal button on the vacuum sealer to seal the bag, and open the vacuum sealer. 

Now cut the other end of the bag using scissors to the desired length based on how much weed is available for sealing. 

Step 3: Vacuum seal the weed

vacuum seal the weed

Put the weed in the bag, fill the bag halfway up with weed, and place the bag inside the vacuum sealer. 

Now press the vacuum button on the vacuum sealer; after that, press the seal button. 

Open the vacuum sealer; the weed is sealed and will be fresher and will last for long in the bag. 

Major Considerations for vacuum sealing weed while traveling

Going on a journey, the plastic bag used for sealing weed has some downsides, though its static charge attracts the THC-laden trichomes easily. If the requirement is to store and keep weed for extra login time, some extra carefulness is required, better to use the jar. The jar has advantages over the plastic bag like it will preserve shape and keep weed more earth-friendly. 

Another tip is to use more than one jars or bags for sealing purposes as it helps not to lose the freshness of weed in the air.

Sealing weed without a vacuum sealer

 Without a vacuum sealer, weed must be in the same sort of maintained environment. First of all, find a cool, dark, and moderately dry spot. And place weeds in the jar. The jar should be air-tight. For this purpose, Air-tight glass/Ceramic Containers can also be used. 


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