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Scanpan Reviews (10 best robust Cookware and Frying pans) 2022

Countless people consider Scanpan cookware to be one of the top cookware brands.

Scanpan is a remarkable name in the cookware industry.  It has caught a great audience due to its better durability and quality. Although the price is quite high, still Scanpan cookware and skillets are able to maintain their buyers in the market.

Furthermore, the company provides a nonstick utensil range with long-lasting coatings. In this Scanpan reviews guide, we will go over all of the benefits and drawbacks of their cookware, as well as whether they are worth purchasing or not.

We reviewed and included 10 scanpan cookware sets in this list. This inspection is based on their performance, pricing, durability, long-term capabilities, and warranty.

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Key Features

Customer Rating

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  • Safe to use

  • Made with 5 layers

  • Non induction

  • Handle remains cool

  • Lightweight

  • Heat up quickly

  • 10 years warranty

  • 100% recycled materials

  • Durable

  • Multi-layered

  • Pan is safe

  • Easy to clean

  • Handle remains cool

  • Safe & sustainable

  • Stratanium Nonstick

  • 50% more durable.

  • Easy to clean

  • best cookware

  • 100% recycled materia

  • Timeless

  • Functional

  • 100% recycles Aluminum

  • Offers flawless release

  • Environment friendly

  • Suitable for stovetops

  • Offers effortless cleaning

  • Life Time warranty

  • 5-ply construction

  • Stainless steel exterior

  • Safe for cooking

Scanpan History

Scanpan is a Cookware Company located in Denmark, Manufacturing cookware since 1956. The company exports its Cookware to more than 50 Countries.  For the last 3 decades, it is manufacturing high-quality Danish PFOA-free and PFOS-free cookware.

Above all, the Cookware Series is made from Recycled aluminum while reducing the requirement of mining. On the other hand, it is beneficial as it utilizes the metals that are put into landfills. In addition, the paper used in packaging is also recycled products.

How Scanpan is Patented Ceramic Titanium Surface Aluminum Pan?

High Quality Aluminum is forged in the Nonstick Coated Cookware along with a Titanium Surface. At about 30,000 degrees, the Ceramic-Titanium is melted and bonded to the aluminum layer. Therefore, this technique provides Secure Ceramic Coating to Scanpan with excellent Nonstick properties.

Moreover, the Reason People love to pay for Scanpan is a Strong Aluminum Structural bond with titanium, as it doesn’t wear off quickly.

If we talk about Durability, then Scanpan is a long-lasting Nonstick Cookware Series. 

Thus, you can use metal utensils like stirrers or spoons without any fear of losing coating. It is dishwasher safe and will not let any damage to your coating.

Moreover, Scanpan Titanium Coating is even Ten Times Denser as compared to steel. Therefore,  you do not need to be afraid of scratchy pads or metal stirrers.

Why you should buy Scanpan?

The reason you should buy from Frying pan or cookware from Scanpan is that it offers a Tested nonstick surface and even distribution of heat. 

The other silicone and PTFE-based cookwares have nonstick properties, but you may need to change your Pan after 7 to 8 months of usage as they have poor quality.

However, people get Frustrated due to the Frequent change in Cookware. As they have no time to shop for simple cookware twice a year.

Therefore, a trend has been observed to buy a Scanpan pot that is expensive but exceptional in performance. One Drying pan can last up to 5 years plus and even more.

Let’s go through the following top 10 best cookwares Scanpan reviews elaborating their features, specifications, details, performance, ratings, and others.

Top 10 Scanpan cookwares Reviewed

1. Scanpan Classic 2 Piece Frying Pans Set

Scanpan Classic 2 Piece Frying Pans Set
Scanpan Classic 2 Piece Frying Pans Set

This is a popular Frying pan set from Scanpan. The STRATANIUM Nonstick coating is used in this frying pan set. Which is made out of five layers of hard particles and wave-like layers that secure nonstick.

Because of the stratanium, this product is 50% safer, durable than other nonstick coatings.

Like many non-stick pans, it is also safe to use with any other metal utensil. It is easy to clean. This frying pan can clean with a paper towel. Moreover, the company says that it is safe to use in the oven and stovetops and is resistant to heat up to 500°F.

Scanpan Classic is made in Denmark, and the company offers a limited lifetime warranty.

According to the Laboratory Reports, the material used in this Scan Pan is free from PFOA and other sustainable. Above all, while frying in this Pan, you need almost no or very little oil.


  • It is safe to use with other metal utensils.
  • The material used is safe from PFOA.
  • It is safe to heat up to 260°C.
  • The Pan consists of 5 layers.
  • It can easily clean with a damp towel.
  • More Than 1500 Reviews
  1. Noninduction
  2. Haptic technology non-stick
  3. Safe to use metal utensils
  4. Oven and dishwasher safe
  1. Better for chef and expert cooks

2. Scanpan HaptlQ stainless steel Frying Pans Set

Scanpan HaptlQ Stainless Steel Frying Pans Set
Scanpan HaptlQ Stainless Steel Frying Pans Set

Let us introduce to you Another Popular model by Scanpan. This Frying pan is made up of Stainless steel aluminum. It is perfectly non-stick and safe to use with metal utensils.

This frying pan set’s structure is robust and chemical-free, making it safe to use.

Furthermore, this scanpan set allows Fast and Even Distribution of Heat. The material used is free from PFOA and other toxic substances like lead and cadmium. It is safe to use in the oven and other stovetops because it can withstand heat up to 500°F.

Furthermore, the Scanpan HaptlQ is made of 5 layers of aluminum.

As we all know, PTFE is the foundation component for all nonstick coatings (polytetrafluoroethylene).

Scanpan took another step further by adding STRATANIUM coating to provide long-lasting capabilities and robustness.


  • The material used is free of PFOA and PFOS.
  • It is the best made in Denmark Frying Pan.
  • It can withstand heat up to 260°C
  • 350+ Reviews
  • The handle remains cool.
  • The surface is micro-textured.
  • Best Weight
  1. Stainless steel aluminum made
  2. Even and optimum heat distribution
  3. Lightweight
  4. Heat up quickly
  1. Hard to clean from outside and border

3. Scanpan Non Stick CTX 12.75 inch Wok

Scanpan Non Stick Ctx 12.75 Inch Wok
Scanpan Non Stick Ctx 12.75 Inch Wok

This is a stylish Non-Stick Wok that helps you to cook professional recipes at home. As always scanpan made robust products to make products long-lasting. This Wok also comes up with 5 layered aluminum construction.

The inside of this wok is black, while the outside surface is silver. It features a stainless steel exterior with a satin finish.

Moreover, its Handles are riveted in stainless steel for a secure grip.

Moreover, the shape of the Pan allows an even distribution of heat and fast heat conduction. Therefore, the shape fits in any type of surface like induction and stovetops.

The durable nonstick Wok may be used to fry, stew, and deglaze. Above all, cos of the titanium, it is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and suitable for use with other metal utensils.


  • The company offers 10 years warranty.
  • It is made from 100% recycled materials.
  • This product is handcrafted in Denmark.
  • 250+ Ratings and Counting
  • It is a very durable non-sticky Wok.
  • While frying, you need less oil as compared to other traditional works.
  1. Advance non-stick properties.
  2. Interior finish with stain
  3. Exterior finish with stainless steel
  4. Used recycled material in manufacturing
  1. Without Lid

4. Scanpan Pro 12.5 inches Frying Pan

Scanpan Pro 12.5 Inches Frying Pan
Scanpan Pro 12.5 Inches Frying Pan

If you want to cook delicious recipes at home, then try the Scanpan Pro IQ frying pan. This is a lightweight pan so that you can easily transfer it from one stove to another. Above all, it is designed with a special material that makes it safe to use with other metal utensils.

The nicest part about this frying pan is that it cleans up quickly with a moist towel or paper towel. It is also safe to use on all sorts of stovetops and ovens, including induction tops.

The laboratory reports, that the material used in this frying pan is safe to use because it is free from PFOA and other toxic materials like lead. In addition, you need a little oil as compared to other traditional frying pans. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It can withstand heat up to 500°F.
  • The Pan is safe to use in ovens and stovetops.
  • It is a multi-layered frying pan.
  • More than 250 Reviews
  • The nonstick coating lasts for a longer time than other PTFE nonstick.
  • The Pan is safe to use with other metal utensils
  1. Easy to clean
  2. Heavy and sturdy
  3. Long-Lasting
  4. Exceptional cooking result
  1. The coating may start peeling off after 2 years of heavy use.

5. Scanpan Classic Cookware Set 14 piece Non Stick

Scanpan Classic Cookware Set 14 Piece Non Stick
Scanpan Classic Cookware Set 14 Piece Non Stick

This Cookware set by Scanpan is 14 pieces that contain all necessary items. The set includes 3 saucepans (1-quart, 2-quart, and 3-quart), 2.75-quart Saute Pan, 6.5-quart Nonstick Dutch Oven, 10.25″ Nonstick Skillet (8, 10.25, and 12 inches), and 10.5″ Nonstick Grill Pan.

Above all, the Scanpan Classic Cookware contains Stratanium that constitutes 5-layers in which wave-like layers and the hard particles interconnect to strengthen the nonstick layer. It is a 50% more durable nonstick coating than the previous ordinary coating.

Moreover, the material used in this cookware set is free from PFOA and PFOS. Its special squeeze-cast body removes hot spots for even browning and cooking. Moreover, all the items in the set are safe to use in all ovens and stovetops, including the inductions tops. You can easily clean the thick sauces with a damp towel.

Although, this brand allows you to enjoy a healthier meal that is cooked in a minor quantity of oil. Above all, some items of this cookware set come with glass tempered lids so that you can see the meal without opening the lid.


  • The handle remains cool.
  • The surface has a special textured coating.
  • The nonstick coating is 50% more durable.
  • 20+ Positive Ratings
  • You can cook or fry with no or minor oil.
  1. Stramonium Nonstick
  2. The surface will not blister, peel or warp
  3. Safe & sustainable
  4. Compatible with gas, ceramic, gas, solid plate, and halogen.
  1. Not compatible with induction cooktop

6. SCANPAN CTP Covered Non Stick Sauce Pan, 4 Quart

Scanpan Ctp Covered Non Stick Sauce Pan
Scanpan Ctp Covered Non Stick Sauce Pan

A Saucepan is a very significant and robust cooking tool that we will introduce here. Scanpan creates not just frying pans but also saucepans, Woks, and other cookware sets that we use in the kitchen.

This premium quality Saucepan has 5-ply construction. It is used by professional chefs because it allows fast heat distribution. Furthermore, this Saucepan is a perfect pan for all types of cooking surfaces. It can be used on stovetops, including induction.

Moreover, It has a stainless steel exterior with a mirror finished. Thus, it is a nonstick saucepan that braises, browns, deglazes, and sears. Due to its nonstick coating, it is easy to clean with the help of a simple dishwasher or a damp towel.

It is considered a safe metal utensil. In addition, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty, and it is the best-sold product in Denmark.


  • It is the best cookware brand in Denmark.
  • You can cook or bake with minimum oil.
  • This Saucepan is easy to clean even with a paper towel.
  • It is 50% more durable.
  • The material used is free from PFOA and PFOS.
  1. Tempered glass lid
  2. 5 Layered Stratanium
  3. Harder than steel
  4. 4 Quart size
  1. Expensive

7. Scanpan Professional 10.25 inch Square Grill Pan

Scanpan Professional 10.25 Inch Square Grill Pan
Scanpan Professional 10.25 Inch Square Grill Pan

If you are living in a mountain area, then you will like to eat bar-b-q. This problem is solved by Scanpan that has designed a grill pan in a square shape. You can enjoy the professional taste at home by using this grill pan.

Like frying pan and Saucepan, this grill pan is also nonstick kitchen cookware that braises, deglazes, browns, and sears. According to many customer Scanpan reviews, this Pan has a thin, sleek design with a steel handle.

Moreover, this Pan is safe to use because the material used in the construction is free from all toxic metals like lead and also free from PFOA and PFOS, and other sustainable.

Above all, this grill pan allows you to cook bar-b-q with minimum oil.


  • It is made from 100% recycled material.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is a PFOS free non-stick grill pan.
  • It is safe to use for cooking.
  • This Pan can withstand heat up to 260°
  1. Cook for a family
  2. Fine stainless steel handles
  3. Functional
  4. Timeless
  1. Non –stick coating can peel off, if not followed the instructions.

8. Scanpan Professional Square Griddle Pan

Scanpan Professional Square Griddle Pan
Scanpan Professional Square Griddle Pan

This griddle Frying pan is made from 100% Recycled Aluminum and is considered Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cookware. It is designed in such a way that the surface fits perfectly on the single burner.

Furthermore, This Scanpan Griddle is a perfect griddle for baking pancakes, burgers, and French toast.

Although the base is extra thick, still it evenly and quickly distributes the heat. The company guaranteed that the base would never warp.

Like many other Pan by the same brand, it is also nonstick cookware that allows you to make delicious recipes with little or no oil. In addition, the company says that the material used is free from PFOA and sustainable.

Moreover, it is easy to clean with a damp towel. The griddle comes with a stylish thin stainless steel handle that remains cool so that you can easily transfer of handle.


  • It offers a flawless release.
  • It can be used in an oven and broiler.
  • Never use aerosol cooking spray, because it makes the food stick.
  • The Pan is squeeze-casted.
  • The griddle utilizes100% safe recycled aluminum.
  1. Optimum Heat distribution
  2. Consistent cooking Performance
  3. 100% recycles Aluminum
  4. Environment friendly
  1. It may take some time to heat evenly. But, once it gets hot you can cook anything perfectly.

9. Scanpan Ceramic Roasting Pan (5.5 Quart)

Scanpan Ceramic Roasting Pan
Scanpan Ceramic Roasting Pan

It is designed for quick meals to share. It has 2 handles so that you can easily carry it from one table to another table. The surface of this roasting pan is also non-sticky so that you can easily bake cakes with a minimum layer of oil.

Moreover, the cleaning of the roaster pan is scrub-free; you can clean it using damp fabric or a paper towel. The roaster pan uses heat-efficient aluminum in its manufacturing.  Above all, the material used in this Pan is free from PFOA.

It can be used in the oven because it is resistant to heat up to 260°C. In addition, a few models of this roasting pan come with a glass lid.


  • It is suitable for stovetops.
  • The company offers 10 years warranty.
  • It offers effortless cleaning.
  • This Pan is not suitable for induction cooktops.
  • The company also provides special grills for bar-b-q making.
  1. Ideal non-stick for browning and deglazes purposes
  2. Oven friendly up to 500 degree
  3. Life-Time warranty
  4. PFOA-free & Safe
  1. Not compatible with Induction Cooktop

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10. Scanpan CTX 12-3/4-Inch Covered Stainless Steel Pan

Scanpan Ctx 12-3/4 Inch Covered Stainless Steel Pan
Scanpan Ctx 12-3/4 Inch Covered Stainless Steel Pan

The last product in this list from Scanpan is CTX covered Pan. This is an eco-friendly pan that has alternating layers of aluminum and stainless steel. This layered pattern will help to control temperature and even the distribution of heat.

Moreover, it is made from 100% PFOA-free material, so it is safe to use for cooking. This covered Pan can be used for steaming and braising. It is suitable for all stovetops, including induction cooktops.

With the help of a glass window, you can easily see the meal. In addition, a small vent on the lid controls the steam pressure inside the Pan when covered. Above all, it has a handle on both sides so that you can easily handle it.


  • It can resist heat up to 500°
  • It is easy to clean with a dishwasher.
  • The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It is handcrafted in Denmark.
  • The Pan is completely safe for cooking.
  1. 5-ply construction
  2. Professional heat distribution
  3. Stainless steel exterior
  4. Exceptional design and Quality
  1. Handles may get hot in the oven. Therefore, use oven gloves for this purpose.

Why you should buy Scanpan cookwares?

Buying cookware is quite technical, especially when there are so many brands to compare with. There are various factors that you must consider while buying Scanpan cookware. Let’s go through them:


Heating is the primary factor to consider. The reason is that the main purpose of buying cookware is that it should cook well. Good cookware has the ability to hold the heat for a fair amount of time. Moreover, it distributes the heat quickly and evenly all around the Pan.

In addition, the worst-case scenario is that when you place something to cook in a pan, half of its side starts to burn while the other is barely warm.

To make sure about the healing properties, you should check the thickness of the Pan. If the Pan is thick enough, then it has a tendency to hold heat for a long time. However, this case is true for iron, aluminum, and copper.


Durability is the most frustrating point for people to cook frequently in nonstick cookware. Changing cookware or frying pans often gets out of the budget and a headache as well. Nonstick coatings can’t hold so long even whichever material it uses, such as cast iron, copper, stainless steel, or others.

According to the expert’s Scanpan reviews, the one that is heavy and sturdy can hold its nonstick coating for a long time.

The fact about the durability of nonstick coating is to care for your cookware well. Thus, follow the instructions or tips mentioned on the label for the better life of the cookware.

In addition, Scanpan cookware has good ratings as compared to the other brands in terms of durability.


Reactivity is how your cookware construction material reacts with your food.  Some iron cookware reacts with acidic food and gives them a metallic texture.

However, PTFE cookware, which is a stable covering, doesn’t allow the materials to react with food. Scanpan is a PTFE-proof cookwares; therefore, their tendency to react with food is less. You can cook safe and healthy food in Scanpan cookware.


The design is the overall appearance of the cookware.  It is a matter of personal choice as the cookware perfect for one person may disaster for the other person.

Therefore, you must be clear in your thoughts about what you want to buy depending upon your needs.

In addition, a cookware design includes the pan shape, rivets, lids, and handles.

Price & Warranty:

Scanpan is quite expensive to buy, but it will surely value out your money. The overall performance of the scan pan cookwares is extraordinary and long-lasting. Moreover, Scanpan comes up with a lifetime warranty that is another plus that attracts the buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scanpan contain PTFE?

The Scanpan cookware is all PFOA and PFOS free. But they do contain a small amount of PTFE.  PTFE is the basic compound in the constitution of nonstick cookware. Moreover, according to the European public health, the PTFE does not react with food and is harmless to ingest as well.

Will metals react to Scanpan frying pan?

No, it is safe to use a metal stirrer and spoons in Scanpan cookware. Its nonstick coating is 10 times harder and doesn’t react easily. Therefore, the ultra-hard surface will not scratch your pans.

Is Scanpan is oven-safe?

Yes, Scanpan cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees along with its lids and handles. However, you should use oven gloves to handle the pots and pans.

Final Thought:

In conclusion, we hope that our Scanpan reviews help you to explore the top 10 best Scanpan products available in the market.

We tried our best to provide you all the necessary information on one page.  Scanpan cookware are ruling in the market for the last 3 decades. It is a trustworthy and expensive brand to value out your money.

Furthermore, the Scanpan cookware has exceptional design, stability, heating properties, handles, lids, shapes, sizes, price, and warranty. One cannot resist adopting this brand.

We compiled this list of the best Scanpan cookwares, frying pans, woks, and griddles based on extensive research, Scanpan ratings, and other important graphs. I hope our Scanpan review assist you in your look for the right cookware! You can add your valuable comments below. Thanks


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