Can You Use Metal Utensils On Ceramic Cookware

Are you planning to get your eyes on a ceramic cookware set but don’t know whether or not you can use metal utensils on it?

You’ve landed on a relevant result to your query. Ceramic cookware which is also known as stoneware is advanced cookware designed with porcelain clay.

It’s known for its scratch and hard-wearing quality. Most of you may know that you can use ceramic cookware on induction burners.

But can you use metal utensils on ceramic cookware? It’s a tricky question to answer as sometimes you can do so while at times you can’t. So, to learn better about this topic, ensure you don’t skip anything from this post and read it completely.

Without being late, let’s make our way to the topic.

Metal Utensils on Ceramic Cookware

Yes, you can use utensils on ceramic cookware, but there are some limitations that you have to be cautious about. Ceramic cookware comes in a variety of styles, some of which are heat sensitive.

When cookware is heat-sensitive, then it’s better to avoid using it on metals like stainless steel or pretty much everything made out of it and cutting boards.

And when the metal utensils have any scratches on them, you shouldn’t use them on your ceramic cookware as they may end up getting cracked.

However, there is some cookware that you can use with metal utensils. I’ll list them below so You can maximize the effectiveness of your cooking.

What cookwares are suitable to be used on Metal Utensils?

Hands down, using a Metal utensil on any cookware can offer you a delicious taste of food, but when you don’t follow proper instructions and try to use it with a not suitable metal, then you end up damaging the kinds of stuff in your kitchen.

As a result, knowing what metals you can use on metal utensils is critical. Following are noted some of the cookware that you can easily use your metal utensils on. SO, if you have any of them then you’re good to go.

Cookware Made of Aluminium

Aluminium is a type of metal mostly used in making pans and cookware. The reason most of the cookware is made out of it is that it’s durable and gives a special taste to the food.

So, if it’s necessary for you to use metal utensils on your cookware, then be sure it’s made of Aluminium. However, if you have wooden or silicone utensils, that would be great.

Stainless steel

Steel is another metal used to make most of the cookware. It’s safe and ideal to use on your metal utensils. The thing that makes it so common in kitchen appliances is the durability it provides you with.

Not only that, It can easily withstand high temperatures, which makes it more useful for the user. You can use it and enjoy its delicious flavor, but be sure not to put it into the oven as it may end up reacting with the heat. Also, don’t put it into the dishwater as it may also harm it.

Cooper Cookwares

Copper is one of such metals which are not just durable but also a long-lasting metal used in a number of kitchen appliances. Just like the above-mentioned metals, copper is also recognized for its long-lasting.

The most popular kitchen appliance made of copper are pans which are not just beautiful but easy to clean too. So, if your cookware is made up of copper, you may consider using it on your metal utensils.

Cast Iron Cookwares

As the name suggests, cast iron is one of the types of iron used to make kitchen appliances. You’ll usually find it being used for making pans and pots.

It’s both heat resistant and long-lasting. The good thing is that you can use Cast Iron cookware with your metal utensils for cooking. It’s completely safe.

What Utensils are suitable to Use on Nonstick Pans?

Cookware composed of ceramic or a nonstick substance is known as nonstick cookware. This type of cookware is widely used for cooking because of its ease of use and cleanliness.

Nonstick cookware, on the other hand, is notorious for being heat sensitive. Use wooden or silicone utensils when cooking using nonstick cookware.

As a result, you should avoid using nonstick cookware in the oven. But, the question remains the same, what Utensils should you use On nonstick pans?

Silicone Utensils

The first utensil that I recommend you use on your nonstick pans is SIlicon Utensils. If you have Silicone Utensils, you can use Them on Nonstick pans as they’re safe and durable at the same time.

Wooden Utensils

Wooden Utensils are another type of utensils that you can use on Nonstick pans. They’re completely safe, and you can use them for cooking without having fear.

Now you know whether or not you should use the Metal Utensils on ceramic cookware. But still, there are some questions remaining that a lot of you have asked about. So, keep reading to learn the answers to your queries.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can You Use a Metal Whisk In a Ceramic Pan?

Sharp, abrasive, or pointed utensils, such as metal spatulas and tongs, can chip or scrape the coating, revealing the metal beneath. 
This is bad news since it means the metal foundation will leak into your food, rendering the ceramic covering useless. Ceramic cookware is susceptible to scratches, chips, and marks.

Is it Possible To Use Metal Utensils On Stoneware?

Do not stack Stoneware pieces or set other heavy objects on top of them, like bowls or cookware.
If you must store your Stoneware on an oven rack, make sure all of the pieces are removed before turning on the oven. Stoneware can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F, making it less likely to break.

Can You Utilize Metal Utensils On Ceramic Cast Iron?

However, The use of metal utensils with enameled cookware is not prohibited. Metal utensils can be used regularly as long as they are not smacked against the pot’s edge or pushed around inside the pot.


Using Metal utensils on ceramic Cookware is not that difficult if you follow the above strategies carefully.

Make sure you don’t skip any step, Because, if you don’t use the right cookware on your utensils, then you may end up making yourself a big loss.

I hope now that all of your questions have been answered. Still, if you have confusion, just put it down, and I’ll be there to help you out.

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